Pasadena City Hall

July 7th& 8th, 2001

The front of Pasadena City Hall

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February 3rd & 4th, 2001

Ocean Drive & 9th Street


JUNE 13 & 14, 1998
Pasadena City Hall

Over 350 Artists Gather
for World's Largest Street Painting Festival

 On Saturday, June 13, and Sunday, June 14, over 350 visual artists will descend on Centennnial Square in Pasadena's civic center for the ABSOLUT CHALK Street Painting Festival. Using chalk as their medium, and the pavement as their canvas, artists will create spectacular murals under blue skies against the Mediterranean architecture of Pasadena City Hall.

 Visitors from all over will be able to watch a new generation of artists design their colorful chalk murals in a variety of styles from classical to contemporary, whimsical and fantastic to socially relevant. While viewing this unique artform, the public can also enjoy live music, and a fine selection of foods, iced cappucinos and desserts presented by outstanding local restaurants.

 "ChalkLand," a specially-designed children's chalking area, will offer pastel chalk, artmaking opportunities, storytelling and children sientertainmeny for attending families. In fact, those of all ages will be able to create their own murals on this tree-lined street within the festival grounds.

 In its 6th year, ABSOLUT CHALK is the largest festival of its kind in the world. Participating artists emanate from as far away as Vermont and, even, Belfast, Ireland. Internationally-known artist Kurt Wenner has created the centerpiece mural for previous events. The finished Wenner image has been seen in major publications as part of celebrated Absolut artist advertising series.

 Previous festivals have also attracted participants from virtually every major Los Angels-area museum, leading art schools, cultual centers, studio, design teams and literally hundreds of well-known and emergent visual artists. This year promisies the same.

 Following the creation of this year's murals, artists will select the most outstanding street paintings from among their peers. In the tradition of festivals held around the world, major awards and prizes will be announced in several categories.

 For centuries artists have painted beautiful images on the boulevards and squares of great cities, using the pavement as their canvas. After World War 2, scores of itinerant artists made their living from the unique art of street painting. Currently, prestigious festivals in Europe, North and South America celebrate this traditional artform and have become popular attractions for artists, arts lovers and people from all walks of life.

 The ABSOLUT CHALK Street Painting Festival is sponsored by The Light-Bringre Project, a nonprofit arts organization, rasing proceeds for community arts programs. Artists at the event volunteer up to 20 hours of their talents and energies to make this happen.

 ABSOLUT CHALK will be open from 10AM until 7PM on Saturday, and 10AM until 7PM on Sunday, at Pasadena City Hall in the heart of the civic center. Admission is only $5 for adults (children 5 and under free). Free parking is conveniently located within a block of the festival grounds.

June 13 & 14, 1998
Pasadena City Hall

For more information -- The Light-Bringer Project:

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